CleanTech OC 2nd Annual Conference & Expo

How many invitations are sitting in your inbox right at this moment for clean tech oc 2011opportunities to spend a day learning about industry trends and network with like-minded professionals?  10?  20?  Even more?   One stood out for me, the CleanTech OC 2011 Annual Conference and Expo, and I wanted to encourage participation from anyone interested in learning more about how cutting edge energy technology is becoming more accessible to businesses and the community to their mutual benefit.

On September 12th, CleanTech OC will be hosting its 2nd annual Conference & Expo at the Irvine Hyatt Regency in Irvine.  The conference theme is “Cleantech at the Tipping Point,” and the event will provide a forum for the exchange of ideas, information, and business opportunities among clean tech companies, government entities, industry experts, and academia.  It promises to be an incredible gathering the likes of which we seldom see here in Orange County.  And what is critical is the prospect of building bridges and making information about such advances accessible to businesses well beyond the energy sector.

What distinguishes CleanTech is its status as a local trade association that seeks to promote economic growth in the Orange County clean technology industry, likely to be one of the most significant engines for job growth in Southern California over the next decade.  According to CleanTech OC’s Director Taylor Honrath,  “Other communities seem to have a strong foothold and have succeeded in collaborating to obtain a lot of stimulus and California Energy Commission funding, while Orange County in the past had been left out of that arena.  We have the technologies, in fact we are a highly regarded center of Clean Tech innovation and research; now we are striving to increase synergy among our stakeholders, build bridges and educate the community.”    CleanTech OC focuses on

  • assisting members in obtaining public and private funding for clean tech projects and ventures,
  •  fostering cooperation and collaboration among the public, private, and academic sectors within Orange County, as well as between Orange County and other regions,
  • educating members about the clean tech industry, including but not limited to government regulatory and funding programs, and
  • navigating the complex issues relating to the permitting, siting, and environmental impacts of clean tech projects and facilities

Highlight of the upcoming CleanTech OC Conference will include:

  • Keynote addresses by Honorable Stephen Johnson, 11th EPA Administrator, John Hofmeister, former President of Shell Oil; author of Why We Hate the Oil Companies, and John Picard, Picard & Associates.
  • Panel discussions “Cleantech by the Numbers – Investment, Indexes, and IPOs;”  “Going Green to Make Green:  Sustainability in Corporate America”; “The Future of Utility-Scale Renewable Energy in California;” “Green-building in Orange County;” and “Success Stories from Orange County’s Cleantech Cluster.”

Check out the agenda and register for the conference and expo on September 12 here.