La Sirena Grill: Eat Responsibly

la sirena signSince 1999, La Sirena Grill has been committed to supporting sustainability and what they deem “some simple beliefs:  to preserve the planet for future generations, nurture the soil, be humane to animals, and accomplish zero waste while creating innovative food and a place to enjoy family and friends.”  Not such a small order!

Everything – from the fire-roasted salsas to hand-made corn tortillas – is made from scratch using fresh, local, organic, and sustainable products. Chicken is free-range, beef is grass-fed, and all salad greens, rice and beans are organic.  This ambitious mission extends even to the way they select their suppliers for “to-go” boxes, ensuring that everything is biodegradable and compostable; even the cutlery is potato-based.  How does La Sirena Grill compete and maintain such high principles?  Doesn’t the challenge of sourcing sustainably price them out of the market?

Quite the contrary.  Not only does the quality that comes with such high standards make for some fantastic food, but customers are clear in expressing a preference for La Sirena Grill because of their social responsibility.  Jeff Elias, Manager of the Irvine location, acknowledges the challenges, stating “I wish organic and free-range meats were more readily available locally, and it can be time-consuming to research our source companies.  But our values require it and our customers really notice and appreciate it.”

Commitment to community is also a value that runs deep at La Sirena, as they actively connect with local educational, fitness and environmental causes.  Owner Scott Cortellessa says, “Our focus is to support those events and programs that involve happiness for children and positive change for the environment.”  This type of support comes back to them many times over as they build their brand and get known around town.

La Sirena Grill – in addition to making a killer blackened salmon salad (from a sustainable fishery in Cypress Island, of course) – has figured out that hungry people in Orange County do care!